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Establish an offshore IT development team

Ergov qualifies and recruits IT resources for companies who develop or maintain their own software systems and need to increase their development capacity within a controlled budget. We can provide top IT talent to work seamlessly with your team. Our contribution to your team can be a permanent medium size team, an individual expert or a temporary project team.

Once they have joined your team, we provide the work setting, equipment and managed environment for them to fulfill their responsibilities and grow with your organization. We provide the experienced IT management support to compliment your direct interactions and follow-up.

We establish your team in one of our development centers. The team is recruited specifically for you according to your experience and skill set requirements. The development team or individuals work exclusively for you over the designated time frame. The team or IT specialists work as an integrated part of your development organization.  You schedule and organize the work effort of the team and we provide support to assure that they are well motivated. We do not share or move resources between customers.

Our focus is to recruit IT Talent with strong working experience, technical and interpersonal skills as well as good English communication.

Currently we have deep design, development, QC and managerial skills in the following areas;

What We Do


North American Management

Ergo Ventures will create a team for you that will include project management and testing that is completed locally in North America from our Toronto or our New York Office.

Our local management will assure that the communication links with your domestic team are efficiently and constantly maintained. We provide communication links to you on almost a 24 basis. We become involved in dealing with any issues that you feel are necessary to stay on top of the development effort. When there is a period of intensive work due to tight scheduling, we are there to expedite the workload. We are accustomed to adding vigor to any given sprint that needs extra focus or effort.


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We use active recruiting to engage the top IT talent. The most talented IT resources generally do not apply for jobs. They are valued in their current situation and are happy where they work. We must promote the position in order to persuade them to apply. We do this by contacting them directly and engaging in a dialogue about their job and career aspirations. A key aspect that makes Ergo Ventures attractive to top IT talent is the prospect of working for international clients. We offer them exposure that they cannot obtain anywhere else.

The IT job market in Dhaka is very well developed. IT is one area that the government and several public agencies are working on as a key development sector. There are several top technical universities in Bangladesh who attract most of the brightest students. The English skill level in Dhaka is high. Many IT professionals study English, particularly if they are ambitious and eager to be involved in management. Generally, in Dhaka even junior level managers use English on a daily basis.



Ergo Ventures provides a well-managed environment for your team by providing both North American and on site managerial support. In some cases, this management is general management and applies to the overall motivation, drive and technical support of your IT staff. In other cases we can clearly specify the management support that is supplied on a dedicated basis to your team or project.

Top IT professionals usually remain working with Ergo Ventures because we supply a positive, well management environment, the prospect of ongoing work challenges and many basic features that are not often available to employees in Dhaka. For more information;

Life at Ergo



At Ergo Ventures, we focus on establishing and maintaining an environment that encourages our professionals and your professionals to grow with our company. Top It professionals expect an exciting and challenging career path. They thrive when they have the rare combination of challenge, team participation and security.

At Ergo Ventures, our top IT professionals work side by side with many other professionals involved with a range of clients and challenges. This provides your IT staff with interaction and technical support so they are better able to meet your needs and develop creative practical solutions. In addition, we can often meet your needs simply by recruiting from our current staff.


Our Fees

Our fees are based on the complexity of the search, the specialization of the potential candidates, and the opportunity for additional assignments. Naturally our clients will want to discuss the fee structure which we will provide during our initial conversation.

The final fees are charged only when we are successful in delivering the team that our clients have selected, and when the candidate accepts the position and commences employment. Our fee will be effective and applied should a candidate be presented to a client and accepts an offer by the company or its subsidiaries