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How We Work

Ergo provides dedicated design and/or development teams that are comprised of experienced and skilled Project Managers, Team Leads, Developers, and Designers. The team will analyze your business requirements, provide development plans and implement your solution.  Our development process is 100% visible to you at all times. Our clients have full visibility of iteration plans, tracking status, work items/tasks, bug tracking, defect correction and more. At Ergo, we have all the modern facilities to overcome the boundary barriers. The clients may be on the other side of the world, but virtually he can always be in the same room.


Dedicated Agile Teams

There are 3 main ways that we serve our clients. One way is to provide you with a dedicated Agile team. Ergo Ventures is a practitioner of the Agile development process. We have been practicing Agile methods within our projects since 2010. Whether your needs are small, medium or large, Ergo Ventures has the experienced developers and designers to create and implement the necessary IT Solutions both efficiently and effectively. Our large talent pool is accomplished in most mainstream technologies, review our technology chart in the services section to examine the skills and experience of our developers. Our developers are value driven, focusing entirely on the delivery of quality software that maximizes your return on investment.



Fixed Budget

A 2nd way that we can serve you is with a fixed budget for a given project. This is suitable for organizations who wish to control the pricing risks associated with outsourcing portions of work or entire projects. This eliminates the risk of inaccurate project estimation or unplanned time overages. This is suitable for new customers or when the work definition is clear and concise.

In this model, the requirements for the project are defined in detail and an Ergo Venture Project Manager generates an analysis and estimation. Once the Proposal is finalized, then a dedicated team is proposed and presented to the client. The whole team then operates on a fixed time and cost basis until the project is considered complete by the client. During the project, the Project Manager ensures that the client's requirements and expectations are met with regular organized weekly meetings. Problems are anticipated and resolved. 

Time and Material

The 3rd way that we can serve you is by billing time and material. With this method, the client provides a clearly defined project scope and we generate a detailed plan and estimate for your approval. The estimate can be calculated and tracked with either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly hours. Once the project starts, the project team will continuously absorb your feedback and verify and update the project plan. The advantage of this model is the flexibility of progressively adding or reducing skilled headcount over time adjusting to the changing project demands or budget.